Organizational Audits/Surveys

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    Performance Management Audit    

Are you getting the best out of your people? Benchmark your Performance Management process against criteria developed by the experts.

    Man-Management Audit    
     Are your people management practices really effective ?
    Recruitment Audit    
     Are you really attracting the best people ? Benchmark your recruitment processes by taking this test    
    Performance-Based Reward Audit    
     Is your organisation rewarding the people who work for it adequately ? Benchmark your organisation's systems against criteria developed by the experts.    
    Exit Process Audit    
    Check out how well your organisation is equipped to handle de-recruitment.    
    Training Effectiveness Audit    

Any formal training should contribute to the growth and development of employee competencies and motivation. For training to be effective, it has to be need-based, well-planned, evaluated, monitored and used. Both the line managers as well as the HR managers have to become partners to ensure the effectiveness of  training.Use this audit in your organisation to measure the extent to which training is effective in your organisation.

    Climate Survey    

Any organisation that would like to be dynamic and growth-oriented has to pay attention to the development of its human resources. People must be continuously helped to acquire capabiliities for effective performance of new roles/ functions / tasks that may arise in the process of organisational growth and change in the environment. Thus, HRD becomes crucial for organisational dynamism and growth. This survey is to find out the extent to which such developmental climate exists in your organisation.



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