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Job-Size Calculator: Very often we struggle to figure out which one is bigger while comparing two roles. Here is a simple job-size calculator that you can use to come to a conclusion within minutes. This is a very unique and reliable scale created by the humanlinks team. Job-size calculator takes into account various dimensions of a job and tries to create a hierarchy for those.

    Comprehensive Compensation CalculatorThis calculator takes into account all kinds of compensation component to come to a cost to the company figure for any individual/ role. Many a times we forget to add components and arrive at wrong Cost to Company (CTC) and rue later. The calculator provides the actual cost t CTC considering all possible components.
    Compensation ComparatorAnother one of its kind calculator created by the humanlinks team is the compensation comparator. Many times when people change jobs they struggle to compare the correct CTC of the current with the future company. Not any more! This calculator brings out the differences component by component and can provide many usable analysis.

Turnover/ Attrition Rate CalculatorThe Turnover Rate calculates the attrition in a company. This tool considers all kinds of attrition and provides the option to the user to obtain rates with different combinations. You can calculate the attrition rates for different categories separately as well. The categories covered here are both voluntary separation and involuntary separations (disciplinary and performance related).

    Turnover/ Attrition Cost Calculator: Employee Turnover Cost Calculator adds up in a comprehensive manner all costs associated with employee turnover/attrition. While considering the impact of attrition the rate as well as the cost of attrition should be considered to analyze the complete situation.
    Vendor Manpower Payout: This calculator calculates the payment that an organization has to make to a vendor for a certain number of hours of work done by the vendor employees. It adds up the applicable tax at 18% to come to a final payable amount. The calculator provides an easy back-of-the-hand kind of calculation for the total payout to be made. 
    Bradford Calculator: The Bradford Factor is a means of measuring worker absenteeism. Short, frequent, and unplanned absences are more disruptive than longer absences. It was developed by Bradford University as a way of highlighting the disproportionate level of disruption of an organization's performance that can be caused by short-term absences compared to single instances of prolonged absence. 

Absence CalculatorAbsence calculator calculates the cost that an organization incurs because of absent days of an employee. This calculator also provides the Bradford factor as an element for consideration of the management along with the cost. Many times we ignore the loss that absenteeism can create in an organization as we do not know its full impact.

    Overtime (OT) CalculatorThis calculator calculates the OT payment due to an employee or payable to a role. It takes into account the extra hourly amount that has to be paid to the employee over and above the normal hourly wage rate. It calculates the payment based on how many OT hours is being considered as well as the wage multiplier.
    Cost Per Hire Calculator: The hiring cost per hire is always very tricky to find out. If we do not have a tool to calculate then we tend to leave out some costs that are not very apparent. This tool provides all the relevant heads that are required to be considered while finding out the hiring cost which ultimately is the base of the cost per hire index.
    Labour Cost CalculatorUsing this calculator you can find out the daily and hourly labour cost of your organization. Once you provide the total annual salary, hours  worked and no. of employees in each of the functions in an organization you will be able get the labour cost from the calculator. The advantage of such calculators is that one does not have to bother much about the components as they all have been added.
    Revenue Calculator: Revenue Per Employee Calculator is a simple calculator to obtain how much revenue is being earned per every of an organization. This calculator can also be used to calculate the same for the sales team or for any other function(s) of the organization.
    Body-Mass IndexWith a lot of focus being given to employee wellness the first thing that we should let our employees understand is how to control Body-Mass Index (BMI). This is a simple calculator which suggests if your BMI is within the desirable range.

EMI Calculator: If you are keen to know the Equal Monthly Instalment (EMI) amount  for a loan amount that you are disbursing to an employee then you have chosen the right calculator. This calculator considers the interset rate and the tenure of the loan and provides you the payable EMI amount.


Mortgage CalculatorAre you planning to float a Car Scheme or a House Loan Scheme or a Hard Furnishing Scheme for your employees? Enter the loan/lease amount, the monthly interest rate, how often payments (monthly or bi-weekly) will be made, and how long the loan/lease will last in years. The Calculator will show you the approximate monthly payment and the total amount of interest to be paid over the course of the loan/lease period

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